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Interview with Disiplin

Now I'll post english version too.
Apartir de agora postarei a versão em inglês também.

WEGWISIR - At first, thank you for this opportunity.
WELTENFEIND - No problem, I am happy to do it!

WEGWISIR - Could you talk a litle about Disiplin? Like influences or another stuff...
WELTENFEIND - Well, Disiplin was formed the summer of 2000, after I had been on tour with Myrkskog. I left Myrkskog shortly after that tour, and started my own band, as I wanted total control over it. The style and idea behind the band then, was that it should be a Black Metal band.

WEGWISIR - The band (Disiplin) are always "mutating" since the first demo, we can see. But the new album is in a diferent line from your others works, that reminds so mutch your side-project "Weltenfeind". Why is this change?
WELTENFEIND - Musically and lyrically it stayed pretty consistent for the demo, and first and second full-length. Lyrically and visually I just wanted it to be Black Metal, and I wanted people to experience something genuine. That is I researched what I wrote about. Musically I am extremely proud of the albums, but lyrically and visually I find them childish and immature.
The new album is musically a natural progression of what Disiplin has evolved into. A reflection of me as a composer.
Lyrically and visually the band has evolved into NSBM. I awoke from slumber after I became a father, and this is reflected in Disiplin.
Disiplin has now Meaning and a Purpose. Not just entertainment.

WEGWISIR - Considerated by the fans as "NSBM", Disiplin follows diferent themes than we normally find. No clearly "political talking", nor shows any "racial paganism" like the most of other bands. This is due to some esoteric line or only about run away from the common "modismus" in a world of lies and illusions?
WELTENFEIND - Yes, I do not follow any formula, and create my own brand of NSBM. I do not set out to be different, but it just turns out that way. I think genuine artists will always "stick out" from the rest, as they have something original to offer.

WEGWISIR - The Disiplin music apparently follows an esoteric line that reminds the III Reich's Mystics, but cearly directed to the end of the times. Proceed? What can one speak in these times. About Kali Yuga.
WELTENFEIND - Well we are in the Dark Ages, in Kali Yuga - in Ragnarok. These are the end-times. It will only get worse. After the collapse of the Modern World, a new and brighter one will arise!

WEGWISIR - Some of the last works of Dissection apparently shows the same direction that Disiplin follows, like Maha Kali, for example. If the band didn't split-up, would the band (Dissection) followed on this way?
WELTENFEIND - Dissection was purely satanic. It has nothing to do with what Disiplin has been about the last five years. Dissection was musically brilliant!

WEGWISIR - In the full-lenght "anti-life" 2 songs sounds weird for us. "Orthodox Devil Worship" and "Chaos Triumphator". With parts of african perverted rites, that was sung in portuguese. These rites are commonly called "macumba" in the most part of Brazil like where live many niggers. And another song called "Quimbanda", that also came from the african culture. Why is this "interest"?
WELTENFEIND - Yes, I incorporated all sorts of idiotic and childish satanic nonsense. It was supposed to be black metal and all that shit seemed appropriate. But fuck that!

WEGWISIR - What can one speak about the NS movement in Europa and in "world"? And about the NSBM?
WELTENFEIND - I wish the NS movement could be able to create real change, but I fear our time has passed. I think our main objective now is to remain uncorrupted by the forces of Kali Yuga. Take care of friends, comrades, family and the ones you love. Protect, isolate and insulate. NSBM is art and propaganda intended to inspire, awaken, and give fuel to those few who still have not been corrupted by the Modern World.

WEGWISIR - Actually "in der ganze Welt" we can see a modist Viking Metal's scene with bands that doesn't follow any "decent movement" and totaly out of mind and stupid fans interested only in fantasy and fairy tales, mostly. And most of these bands are interested only on fairy tales also, without concern on racialism, politcs or even spiritual meanings. What can one speak about this?
WELTENFEIND - Well, this is just entertainment for them. These are all drugs, that keep their mind of the real problems that face our lives. Some of them might create ok music, but that is it.

WEGWISIR - Back to the esoteric topic. How is the "current situation" on Norway and in rest of Europe?
WELTENFEIND - Where I live is ok, but it is going downhill. The disease is spreading. I moved back to my childhood "city" many years ago, and I am happy I did. I do not want my kids to grow up in a multi-cultural hell.

WEGWISIR - In Brazil and in the rest of South America one can see a big serious racial problem, and bizarre situations like "non-bloodlined" people painted theirselves like american football players at the same time that they're using celtic kilts and talking stupid things that has nothing to do with any european culture. Here in South America one can see esoteric and racialist movements, but also stupid "made vikings" and "raceless" neonazis and also "eXoteric autopromoted" people in some movements. What could you speak about these "non-blodlined" people that wanna be divine when they have no free or divine spirit? People that search always for selfpromotion or egoist stuff and feelings.
WELTENFEIND - Yes, people are like that. Every movement attracts people of this kind. But there can be use for such people I am sure. Suicide bombers perhaps.

WEGWISIR - I saw new Disiplin's works is to be announced. When will be released? What can we expect of this craft?
WELTENFEIND - Well there is a surprise coming this year, which I will not speak much about now. After that "ME NE FREGO!" and the split with Pantheon (US). You can expect Cold, Harsh and Meditative NSBM. Something like HHG, but evolved even further. Clips from "ME NE FREGO!" are online at my myspace account.

WEGWISIR - To finish. Do you have any declaration or comment that i haven't asked but do you consider important to the readers or listeners?
WELTENFEIND - Support the Hammer of National Socialist Black Metal!
Support Disiplin!

For Blood, Soil and the Gods!

WEGWISIR - Thank you again for this oppotunity.

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